The Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists was founded in 1963. It was initially registered as Malayan Anaesthetic Society but changed its name to Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists in the 1970s.

The objectives of the Society are:

  • To promote the art and science of Anaesthesiology.  
  • To co-ordinate the activities of Anaesthesiologists. 
  • To represent Anaesthesiologists and protect their interests. 
  • To encourage and promote co-operation and friendship between Anaesthesiologists and to do such lawful things as may be indicated or conducive to the attainment of such objects. 
  • To achieve liaison with similar bodies and other specialties in other regions.

The Registrar of Societies had on 22nd January 2007 approved the following amendments to the Constitution which were passed at the Annual General Meeting on 17th March 2006.

The Society shall consist of Ordinary, Associate, Honorary and Life Members.

  • Ordinary Membership
    Ordinary Membership shall be open to Registered Medical Practitioners who possess a recognized post-graduate anaesthesia qualification. 
  • Associate Membership
    Associate Membership shall be open to members of the Medical and Allied Professions who do not qualify for Ordinary Membership. 
  • Honorary Membership
    Honorary Membership may be conferred on persons who are distinguished in public life or who have rendered meritorious service to the Medical or Allied Professions or to this Society. 
  • Life Membership
    1. Those Members of the Society with a record of membership for at least 20 years shall become life members of the Society. They shall be exempted from paying subscriptions.
    2. Members who donate a sum of RM1000 to the Society may become Life Members.

The Annual General Meeting AGM of the Society is held every year around the month of April.
The Executive Committee is elected every year except for the Chairman (elected every 4 years), and President (elected every 2 years).


World Federation of Socieites of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA)
The MSA is a member of the  World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA)



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