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List of Management Protocols

No. Title Prepared by Size
- Foreword - 76kb
1. Admission, Discharge Criteria and Triage Dr. Tan Cheng Cheng 78kb
2. Investigations and Surveillance Dr. Lim Chew Har 66kb
3. Continuous intravenous sedation Dr. Shanti Rudra Devi 84kb
4. Enteral feeding Dr. Jenny Tong 66kb
5. Inotropic and Vasopressor support Dr. Sekar Shanmugam 152kb
6. Intensive Insulin Treatment Dr. Basri Mohd Nor 83kb
7. Lung protective strategy Dr. Tai Li Ling 126kb
8. Stress related mucosal disease prophylaxis Dr. Noor Airini Ibrahim 79kb
9. Venous thromboprophylaxis Dr. Ahmad Shaltut Othman 62kb
10. Weaning from mechanical ventilation Dr. Basri Mohd Nor 94kb

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