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  • Foreword from the President of the Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists
  • Preface from the Editors
  • Acknowledgements - Reviewers
  • Transport for Critically Ill Trauma Patient
    Raha Abdul Rahman, Azarinah Izaham
  • The Traumatic Parturient
    Zawiah Kassim, Afifah Samsudin, Norliza Mohd Nor
  • Paediatric Trauma and Anaesthesia
    Mohd Lutfi Nijar
  • Regional Anaesthesia for Acute Trauma: An Ideal Approach to Improve Outcomes
    Ahmad Afifi Mohr Arshad, Shamsul Arif Sulaiman, Muhammad Rehmat Ali Hassan
  • Prehospital Assessment of Trauma
    Chong Soon Eu, Yeoh Chun Chiat
  • Geriatric Trauma and Anaesthesia
    Muhammad Maaya
  • Trauma Involving Airways and Ventilation Strategies
    Low Hsueh Jing, Aliza Mohamad Yusof
  • Trauma Care in the Field from a Military Perspective
    Mohamad Azlan bin Ariffin
  • Management of Trauma in COVID-19 Patients: An Adaptation of Practice
    Samuel Tsan Ern Hung
  • Transfusions in Trauma
    Kevin W S Ng
  • Nutrition in Traumatic Brain Injury
    Shahmini Ganesh, Noor Airini Ibrahim

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