Dear Esteemed Members of the Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists and Visitors,

Welcome to the virtual home of the Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists. As the President for the term 2023-2025, it is both an honour and pleasure for me to extend my warmest greetings to members of our esteemed anaesthesiology community and visitors to our website.

The Society’s mission is to promote the art and science of Anaesthesiology. It coordinates the activities of Anaesthesiologists, represents Anaesthesiologists and protects their interests. It encourages and promotes co-operation and friendship amongst Anaesthesiologists, and liaise with similar like-minded bodies and other specialties in the region and in the international arena. Whether you are an Anaesthesiologist, an allied healthcare provider in anaesthesiology and critical care, a medical practitioner of related disciplines, a member of the public looking for information on anaesthesiology and critical care, or simply curious about the word anaesthesiologist and who we are, you have come to the right place.

As the principal organization representing Anaesthesiologists in Malaysia, the Society believes in the power of servant leadership in which its goal is for its members to serve the medical community, the patients and the public at large. We lead through collaborations with various organisations in academic pursuits and community engagements.  Our Society is not just an organization; it is a collective entity fueled by the passion and dedication of individuals who, for the past 60 years and more, have worked relentlessly to ensure the art and science of Anaesthesiology ibeing practised and made available in Malaysia is of world standard. The  Executive Committee of the Society and I are indeed very proud to be given the opportunity to carry on this legacy. However, whether you are a longstanding member or a newcomer, your presence, support and contribution to our various activities is the larger part of the Society’s journey.

Our website serves as a dynamic space where you will find a wealth of information about our Society's mission and the incredible work being done by our members including updates and publications in the science of anaesthesiology. Announcements of future continuing professional development and social activities are regularly posted on the website.  We also help to disseminate information relevant to the field of anaesthesiology and critical care to our members. It is still very much work in progress as we strive to be as engaging and informative as possible.  

I encourage you to explore the various sections of our website and take advantage of the resources available. Your participation is key to the vitality of the website. Thank you for being an integral part of the online community of the Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists.


Best regards,

Dato’ Dr Yong Chow Yen
Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists




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