The objective of celebrating National Anaesthesia Day (NAD) is to commemorate the anniversary of the day when the first ether anaesthetic was demonstrated in Boston, Massachusetts on 16th October 1846. The Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists (MSA) provides a grant of RM1,000 to each hospital which celebrate NAD. This grant is to be used for organising activities related to NAD.


  1. The application form for the grant is to be submitted latest by 31st August.
  2. The activities should be organised in the months of October and November.
  3. A written report / article on the NAD celebration is to be submitted to Berita Anestesiologi within one month of the activity. 

Process of application

  1. Application can be made using the form below and submitted latest by 31st August to 
  2. Applicants will expect to receive a confirmation email from the MSA Secretariat by 15th September. 
  3. Applicants shall submit a written report / article on the NAD celebration to Berita Anestesiologi within one month of the activity.   
  4. The grant will be deposited into the bank account as stated in the application form within one month of receiving the written report / article.
  5. The bank account shall be that of the department / hospital which holds the NAD celebration.  In the absence of such an account, the applicant shall submit a letter from the head of department nominating the person who will receive the grant. 

Those who wish to celebrate outside the stipulated months can still submit the written report / article to be published in the Berita Anestesiologi.

» Click here to download NAD Grant Guideline & Form




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