The Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists provides a grant to all hospitals that intend on organising an event to celebrate World Anaesthesia Day which falls on the 16th of October every year. The grant has a maximum value of RM 1000 and is to be used for the organisation of Anaesthesia Day celebrations. The objective of the event would be to promote anaesthesiology and the theme of the Anaesthesia Day for the respective year.

The details of applying for the grant are as follows :

  1. Event must be organised at the Hospital level celebrating Anaesthesia Day.
  2. Application for the grant has to be latest by the 31st of August.
  3. Successful applicants would receive an approval email from the MSA EXCO.
  4. Claims are to be submitted with a written report / article which may be published in Berita Anestesiologi.
  5. The grant will be reimbursed only after the successful submission of the written report / article.






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