The Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists (MSA) core mission is to promote the art and science of Anaesthesiology and to coordinate the activities of anaesthesiologists through promoting anaesthesia services, training and research. As such, the MSA values the organisation of continuing professional development activities which directly support our mission.

The MSA will consider collaborating or endorsing any events in the field of anaesthesiology and its allied disciplines which adhere to the highest scientific and educational standards.

  1. Criteria for Collaboration of Events
    1. The MSA’s involvement in programmes or projects should be at the initial stage of planning
    2. The MSA Exco will appoint a dedicated member to be involved in the planning of the scientific programme.
  2. Criteria for Endorsement of Events
    1. Applications for endorsement of events must include the following i.e., credentials of the organizers, proposed programme including topics and faculty.
    2. Endorsement requests must be made at least one month in advance of the events.
    3. Any request made less than one month prior to event or workshop will be considered by the MSA Exco on a case-to-case basis.
    4. The endorsement will be granted based on the scientific programme of the event.
    5. The programme must be scientifically valuable or educationally significant.
  3. Application Process
    The application should include
    1. Specification on the manner of collaboration/endorsement requested (endorsement with MSA speaker support, endorsement alone or use of MSA logo only)
    2. Title, date and venue of the event
    3. Information like organising committee, proposed agenda, speakers, etc
    4. Target Audience and Expected Attendance
    5. Itemized budget (if applying for a subsidy)
    6. List of sponsors or co-sponsors for the event (if applying for a subsidy)
  4. Use of the MSA logo
    1. The MSA logo and name is a registered trademark and the property of MSA. The logo cannot be used in any way, for any purpose or at any time without the expressed written permission of the MSA Exco.
    2. The MSA logo is granted only for use on official documents related directly to the endorsement and the endorsed events.
    3. Once approved, the MSA logo may be used on promotional material.
  5. Responsibilities of MSA
    1. To promote the events via emails to all MSA members.
    2. To promote the events on the MSA website and social media platform
    3. To allow the use of the MSA logo in the promotional materials
  6. Disclaimer
    The MSA reserves the right to withdraw its collaboration/endorsement at any time if, in
    the opinion of the MSA Exco, if the event has breached any criteria that had been
    agreed upon.




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