15 Jul 2020

Berita Anestesiologi - July 2020


Table of Contents

  • Message from the President of the MSA
  • Recommendations for Management of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Services in Preparation of Worsening of The COVID 2019 Pandemic
  • Guidelines for the Management of Patients Presenting for Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Annual General Meeting of the MSA and the CoA
  • Safe Anaesthesia
  • The New Norm of Airway Management
  • "Ask What You Can Do For Your Country"
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Response by the MSA and the CoA
  • National Anaesthesia Day 2019 and Reminiscing The First National Anaesthesia Day 2001, Penang
  • Masks of Different Sizes
  • Toronto Western Hospital, Canada - My Experience as a Neuroanesthesia Fellow
  • My Tiny World
  • BIOLs' Day Out: International Port Dickson Olympic Distance Triathlon
  • Real World Evidence Shows Accelerated Surgery in Patients with HIP Fracture has Substantial Benefits
  • Perioperative Medicine: A Perspective from Western Australia
  • Message from the President of the College of Anaesthesiologists, AMM
  • Download as PDF (11.3 MB)




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