31 Dec 2007

MSA Year Book 2006/2007

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  • Acute Care
    Chan Yoo Kuen
  • Updates On Ambulatory Surgery
    Asmarawati Mohd Yatim
    Nordini Mohd Dani

  • Field Anaesthesia: A Report of Mercy Malaysia’s Mission 1 to Kashmir following the 2005 South Asia Earthquake
    Shahridan Fathil
    Shalimar Abdullah
    Husyairi Harunarashid

  • Prevention and Management of Hypotension during Regional Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section
    Lee Choon Yee
  • Use of Medical Simulation in the Practice of Anaesthesia
    Loo Wee Tze
    Wang Chew Yin

  • Propofol Infusion Syndrome
    Thong Chwee Ling
  • Central Venous Oxygen Saturation: How To Use It
    Tai Li Ling
  • Invasive Haemodynamic Monitoring
    Mohamed Hassan M Ariff
  • Triage In The Intensive Care Unit
    Toh Khay Wee
  • VAP: Everything You Want to Know
    Shanti Rudra Deva
  • Volatile Anaesthetics and Cardioprotection
    Khoo Teik Hooi
    Rafidah Atan

  • Anaesthesia for Pituitary Tumor Surgery
    Dr Lim Wee Leong
    Loo Wee Tze
  • Contemporary Issues in Effective Paediatric Pain Management
    Wong Wai Hong


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